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Raconteur is another word for story-teller. In Jueteng (a Filipino number game of chance), 11 is a number for soul. So literally, The Raconteur 11 means The Storyteller's Soul.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Heavy, dramatic, brave and controversial- these are my first impressions of this drama.

Dahil sa Pag-ibig (lit. Because of Love) is a story about Alfred (Piolo Pascual) and Jasmin, pronounced Hasmin (Christine Reyes) whose love for its other are challenged by FAITH (because his a priest), FAMILY (because in the eyes of people they are siblings, although they are really not blood related), POLITICS (because their father is an aspiring politician), and BELIEFS (damn their beliefs!). The promo stills are clear that the story is all about how they are all willing to lose everything “BECAUSE OF LOVE” (yawn).  (Seriously, isn’t it enough that Jesus died because of God’s too much love for mankind?)  

The plot is the usual stuff—STARTS with childhood, then they’ll be separated because one has to do something, the camera span up then, when it comes back to the lead characters they are all grown up (But the parents never get old, duh?!). They’ll realize they love each other but loving is not that easy, they have to fight for it, possibly there will be kidnapping, then one important character will die, everyone cries during the burial, then a lot of crying till the screen is flooded with tears. The antagonist will be shattered at some point. And after all the evilness he had done, he will be imprisoned, be crazy or worst die (in good cases, he will JUST be forgiven)…then END, making us believe it is after all a HAPPY ENDING. Haha. When will these sequence of events change?

So I never expect too much about the story and the rationale of it. I just content myself watching how scenes will be executed.  And so far it is good. How can it be not if they are the veterans of this field?  But veterans as they are, I feel that I’m so familiar of them already that I’m not too interested at all. My praise is for the young actors who did a great job in establishing the character of the adult leads. 
The cinematography and acting here can’t just be ignored but it’s not just enough to keep me hooked like I am with Walang Hanggan, no matter how I’ve tried. But, I’m just perhaps a single soul who does cause the drama is doing well in the ratings. It soared to 31.1% (Kantar Media) last March 19, 2012 when the adult leads are introduced, while Legacy, the dramas rival program in GMA, strikes at only 16.2%. I guess it's just too early to judge.

Meanwhile, Alfred is bargaining with God that if He let Jasmin live, he will continue to become a priest.
If he will then become a priest, what will happen to their love for each other? Will they have a happily ever after?
And Oliver (Jericho Rosales), I’m curious as to how he will become this dramas antagonist. These are what keep me hanging. I hope that the resolutions be acceptable for my taste so I’ll never lose grip.
You can watch Dahil sa Pag-ibig every night in ABS-CBN’s primetime bida, 9:30PM after Walang Hanggan.

You can watch the trailer here:

Thursday, March 29, 2012


The failure of the housemates to win the ‘5th Shot for the Big Slot’ task, signaled the voting of only four housemates to be on the ‘Big Night at the Grandstand’ this Saturday, March 31.

The people voted Slater, Paco, Biggel and Pamu to be this PBB Season 4's BIG FOUR.

The fans of ‘The Darling Dude of Cebu’, Divine Smith were shocked of and couldn’t believe that she, who belongs to the top 2 rank last week, garnered roughly 5% percentage of vote this time and has been evicted.

And now that the big four has been unveiled, who is your bet to be the next big winner?

Here’s some basic information about the big four.

  •  Slater Young - Hotshot Engineer ng Cebu
Real Name: Jan Slater Young
Origin: Cebu City
Age: 24
Birth date: December 19, 1987
Nationality: Filipino


  • Paco Evangelista - Hopeless Romantic ng GenSan

Real Name: Philip Joel Lape Evangelista
Origin: General Santos City
Age: 26
Birth date: July 28, 1985
Nationality: Filipino


  •     Joseph Biggel - Promdihirang Tisoy ng Marinduque

Real Name: Joseph Emil S. Biggel
Origin: Marinduque
Age: 19
Birth date: July 27, 1992
Nationality: Filipino-German

  • ·         Pamu Pamorada - Kitikiti Kid ng Batangas

Real Name: Annielie Gerez Pamorada
Origin: Lipa, Batangas
Age: 19
Birth date: January 8, 1992
Nationality: Filipino

To help you decide who will be the next big winner watch PBB Unliday every afternoon after Angelito Batang Ama and PBB Unlinight every night after Dahil sa Pag-ibig.

To vote:
BB(space){name of housemate-(slater,paco,biggel or pamu)} and send to 231 for Smart & TNT and 2331 for Globe, TM & Suncellular subscribers.M

Friday, March 23, 2012

King 2Hearts

I've been posting my excitement for King 2 Hearts in my  twitter & facebook page for quite some time now. I been waiting excitedly and when the first two episodes aired, holy moly! it's all worth the wait. Dubbed as a dark comedy (slashed the dark) this is pure fun & entertainment! Lee Seung-gi and Ha Ji-won fits their role well.

I am always a fan of romantic-comedy mixed with actions and badassery of female leads. And this is one of them. Lee Seung-gi's role is not new, since he played this in almost all he's drama but it is still effective. The giggles and swooning is never lost when he suddenly become serious and...

Hmmm...suddenly I wanted to fast-forward for next Wednesday!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

WALANG HANGGAN: Reactions & Expectations

One in the A-list of my vast interests is dramas. But if it’s not Korean I’m rarely hooked. I can’t even remember when was the time I’ve been absorbed in a Filipino drama. My reason is: ‘common, nothing interesting, it’s the same old stuffs’.

Most of the time, I’ll just watch a week premier then I’ll lost interest so I’ll have a good sleep and just wait for the last week finale. Yes, that’s me. But this time it’s different, I’m enjoying WalangHanggan.

It’s not a perfect show, in fact it have a lot of technicalities. I have to admit after two weeks premier I have lost my appetite on the show. The pace is too slow especially during the first two weeks of Coco Martin & Julia Montes’ appearance in the show. My high expectations really drop and feel so afraid that the show will be a dead duck. But then the sudden twists of faith when Daniel’s too pitiful character died, Catarina married Nathan, and Dawn re-appear, resuscitate the show. It’s not that I accept it easily; I’m one of those who said WTF! is that, when Catarina did INDEED marry Nathan. But now, I realize that it’s the conservative me, who acted naive that time.
Perhaps the writer wants to convey that it’s already the 21st century; annulment is possible especially if Nathan’s character is showing mental incapacity. And it’s not wrong to showcase adultery if Daniel comes back coz he’s the lead and the one Catarina really love, duh?! So just GET IT and ACCEPT IT that this show is about experiment.

·         Experiment 1 : Richard & Dawn (coming back) tandem (Check)
          Experiment 2 : Coco-Julia (new) tandem ( Check )
·         Experiment 3: Twisted story ( )---still under experiment

Well, I can say the result of this experiment is up to the viewers. If we based it to ratings, a lot of them liked how the story is playing, but I am one who DOESN’T (sorry). Where’s the story going? It’s stuck and there’s no more room for improvement. Not unless they’re considering another lead actress (hahaha). But never mind the logic; you’ll just get a headache. 

But what keeps me addicted? It’s Coco (laughs). 

Seriously yeah its Coco’s great acting skills along with the other great actor and actress involved with the show. I choose to never mind the story; I’m just enjoying the execution of every scene especially when the protagonists show their antagonistic sides. It feels soooo satisfying. (Yes, Emilia and Daniel Guidoti I’m looking at you two). 

Aside from the caliber stars I so love the cinematography of this show. The music, great! And the production value, no question, the finest. These are enough for me to be glued on screen for half an hour every night.

But is it really too late for the story to be better? Let’s see how the writer will continue the experiment. Meanwhile, hmmm I’m seeing Richard Yap (aka Papa Chen) and Dawn tandem an added experiment. If this develops I’ll be cemented already on screen! (Oops, that’s the exaggerated me!) 


By Lady in Green

Have you ever look at a beautiful view and describe it as 'breathtaking'? There are lot of that here in my hometown. Using only my cellphone camera, I took some shots.

The Sunset
Not all country in the world can see the sunset. Some people are willing to spend thousands traveling just to watch it, here, it's a common view.

The Mayon Volcano 
The twin of Mt. Fuji in Japan, Mt. Mayon is also a common vision here. Many tourist fly to Bicol just to see it personally, sadly I observe, Uragons tend to take it for granted.

The Green/Gold Rice fields 
The transformation of color of green fields to gold. The change of smell from mud to food. When you're here you'll say 'how amazing God created the world.!' 

Our way home is a never ending green fields. I've tried spreading my arms while I'm riding a bicycle then I  realize 'one can fly even without wings!'

The Blue Sky 
When I feel down, I always look at the blue sky (starry sky at night). Then I'm relaxed cause at that time when I looked up I realized----HEAVEN IS NEAR.

...and The Trees
I have read somewhere that Trees are proof that a God certainly exist.

...see! even a dead tree never lost its beauty!

The earth is changing, I know urbanization will soon reach our place. The visions I see now will inevitably fade. But I can always choose to make still images of them ...and along with memories, I'll treasure them in my heart forever.

A view to be beautiful need not be breathtaking, making you continue breathing is enough.-Lady in Green


I am not a photographer, I don't even have a decent camera to start with. But, as a sentimental person I am, I find happiness in capturing something and transforming it to still images that will remain in that state forever. Nature as the most beautiful creation of God next to human is my favorite subject. 

Here are some of my crafts which I took using a digital camera: 

These first two pictures are taken from the orchid garden of my aunt:

During a swimming I've taken this next two shots near the pool:

I've took this picture while passing through. I've zoomed the digicam up so it's just the top view that I've captured.

Mangoes! I love mangoes!

These are all the kinds of plants I've captured in random:

And these are my favorites.