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Raconteur is another word for story-teller. In Jueteng (a Filipino number game of chance), 11 is a number for soul. So literally, The Raconteur 11 means The Storyteller's Soul.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Princess and I: Sneak Peek

As the sci-fi drama E-boy is nearing to its finale, promotional trailer and posters for the show that will replace it are out. Known previously as Your Always in My Heart they decided to change it to its final title Princess and I which for me sounds more appropriate for its plot.

"Shot overseas (Bhutan) , Princess and I is a story about Mikay (Kathryn Bernardo) the lost daughter of King Anand (Albert Martinez) and Queen Isabel (Precious Lara Quigaman) in the fictional Kingdom of Yangdon. 
As a child, she was brought to Manila after Ashi Behati (Gretchen Barretto), influential, of royal blood, and who desires the crown for her own son Prince Jao (Enrique Gil), attempts to get rid of her and her mother. Growing up in a poor family in the Philippines, she meets Kiko (Khalil Ramos) who becomes her best friend, and Gino (Daniel Padilla), a boy described to be swaggering and arrogant, and from a rich and influential family.
Behind all the King's wealth, power and title, is a saddening empty space in his heart that is yet-to-be filled by his long-lost daughter Princess Mikay, who will grow up in an unfortunate life not knowing who she really is. It will be about her journey of searching for her true identity and, possibly along the way, finding love."--wikipedia
'GREAT EXPECTATIONS' that's how I assess my feeling about the show. Judging from this lavish poster, the costumes (along with the good looks of those who wear them),  it will sure be an eye-catcher. Also I've already seen the official trailer and the great cinematography amazes me. 

This is the biggest offering of ABS-CBN this 2012. Don't miss to watch it in primetime bida at  8:00-8:30PM every day after TV Patrol starting April 16, 2012.

Meanwhile, here are the character stills. I am planning to write an impression about the show after a week premier.

THE FOUR MAIN CHARACTERS (TL) Kathryn Bernardo as Mikay, (TR) Enrique Gil as Prince Jao, (BL) Albert Martinez as King Anand, (BR) Gretchen Barreto as Ashi Behati

Albert Martinez and Precious Lara Quigaman
Khalil Ramos, Enrique Gil and Daniel Padilla

Here is the main trailer:

"KOREA" Releases Main Trailer

The movie Korea (AS ONE) releases its main trailer.

The film is based on the first South-North Korean table tennis team that competed at the 1991 World Ping Pong Championship in Chiba City, Japan. The movie depicts the struggles of the South and North Korean team trying to create teamwork and how at the end it, the two main charactersHyun Jung Hwa (Portrayed by Ha Ji Won) and Lee Boon Hee (Portrayed by Bae Doo Na) worked together to win the championship.
"South Korean ping-pong star HYUN Jung-hwa and North Korea's LEE Boon Hee have each been defeated by Chinese player DENG Yaping--a.k.a. "The Ping-Pong Witch" --every time they reach a tournament's finals. Teaming up as a United Korea for the first time in 1991 at the World Table Tennis Championships in Chiba City, Japan makes for moments of crisis and bungled coordination, but game-by-game, HYUN and LI become a true team.

But then comes the announcement that the United Korea team will be inexplicably disbanded. On the morning before the women's doubles finals against China and knowing the Unified Korea team is stronger, HYUN pleads with the coaches and players of the North Korean team to not break them up. She tells them: "I want to play on the United Korea team."

The North Korean side is moved beyond ideology and allows the North Korean players to play on the United Korean team. The women's doubles team goes on to defeat China in the finals, becoming the first and the last United Korea team ever to win gold."--twichfilm.com
 Hyun Jung Hwa herself train the Ha ji-won and Bae Doo Na for the movie.
Bae Doo Na and Ha Ji Won
Korea promotional poster
This trailer is so moving (given the fact that North-South Korea is not much in good terms) that I can't help but write about it.

My knowledge about Bae Doo Na is limited (only watched one movie of her--The Host) so I can't say much about her. However, I've seen Ha ji-won in movies ( 100 Days with Mr Arrogant, Sex is Zero 1, Daddy Long Legs, Heundae) and dramas (Hwang jin-yi, Memories of Bali, Secret Garden & now King 2Hearts)  and all I can say is; she really can  deliver every character she supposed to portray. I am never losing hope that this movie can find it's way to the Philippines so I can watch it. Meanwhile for Ha ji-won fans like me, let's support her by watching  The King 2Hearts. It is a very cool, funny and romantic show that keeps me hook this days.

The King 2Hearts poster

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lee Min Ho to Star in Fantasy-Fusion Historical Epic FAITH?

I am a certified Lee Min-Ho fan and just seeing this (although it is not confirm yet)  make me soooo excited. Here is the full article:

Lee Min-ho stars opposite Kim Hee-sun in Faith by | April 3, 2012
So if reports are true, fantasy fusion historical epic Faith has FINALLY found its hero in Lee Min-ho (City Hunter). Well, technically it had two other heroes before they had to drop out of the running; it’s kind of the drama that couldn’t keep a man, so I’ll go ahead and believe the Lee Min-ho news when I see him dressed in period costume and ditching his City Hunter gun for a sword and his car for a horse.
The drama has managed to hold onto its leading lady through all the hero drama, and actress Kim Hee-sun has confirmed (or re-confirmed, or re-re-confirmed, I’m honestly not sure anymore) that she’ll be sticking with the role. This will be Kim’s first role in six years, since 2006′s Smile Again. If you’re unfamiliar, she was one of the reigning It Girls for the better part of the nineties, and starred in almost every trendy drama I can remember from that decade.
So based on the latest description, Faith is actually YET ANOTHER time-traveling sageuk, which is maybe so common now that it’s gone from redundant back around to being funny. I guess technically Faith was supposed to air before all these other ones beat it to the broadcast punch, but that’s just the name of the game, ’cause now you’re just riding the trend instead of setting it. It’s set in the Goryeo era, where a warrior meets a doctor from the present and the two fall in love. Uh… Time Slip Dr. Jin anyone? Lee will play the warrior, a leader of the royal guard, and Kim the lively and animated… wait for it… plastic surgeon. HA. Okay, that’s pretty funny. What are they gonna do with a plastic surgeon in the Goryeo era?
At least now I see where the funny will come from, because before when they called it a fantasy-medical-fusion-historical-comedy, I thought they were just confused. At the helm is the dream team–PD Kim Jong-hak and writer Song Ji-nah–of Sandglass, Eyes of Dawn, and Legend. Rounding out the cast are Choi Min-soo, Kim Seung-soo, Philip Lee and Park Sang-won.
This will be both Lee Min-ho’s and Kim Hee-sun’s first foray into historical fare, so we’ll have to see if they can deliver. They’ve got a lot of obstacles–sageuk delivery, a ten-year age gap, and stunts for Lee–but whether it soars above expectation or goes down in flames, it sure has my interest.
Faith has landed a broadcast slot following Ghost and premieres in August on SBS.

 (This article is re-published from Dramabeans a very comprehensive blog about Korean dramas and Korean culture) (visit it here)

Monday, April 2, 2012


It was an amalgam of excitement, awe, tense, shock and bliss watching ‘The Big Night at the Grandstand’ last Saturday, March 31, 2012 of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Season 4.

The show starts with a grand opening number, showcasing Filipino talents and the entrance of the ‘Big Four’ in blindfolds (actually it’s more like BLINDFACE).
Jan Slater Young, the ‘Hotshot Engineer of Cebu’was hailed the Big Winner while Pamu Pamorada, Joseph Biggel and Paco Evangelista was the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Placer respectively.

It was a glorious victory for Slater as well as for me because I am one among the many who voted for him to be the Big Winner. My sister quite criticized me about it saying I should vote for Pamu or Biggel instead. Asking her why would I, she said because they are the less fortunate who needed the bigger prizes. Then they should have joined a charitable competition, I countered. It leads to a nonsense debate leading to a P100 bet of who will be the winner. I have to admit I am expecting another ‘the-less-fortunate-will-win’ again so I feared I'll lose the bet, so it is satisfying that the opposite happened. And when Slater won she was speechless. Haha.

This is a reality show after all where one’s PERSONALITY not a person’s pitiful story is the basis of winning. But one’s character is unique for every individual, so what is required to be hailed a WINNER?

Though I didn’t know the Big 4 personally, I have watched majority of the episodes of PBB Unlimited which give me a glimpse of who they are as a person.

Growing up in a well-off family and a future heir to his family’s construction company, Slater as he put it ‘just have to stir the coffee and drink it’ but no, he chooses to start an uncertain path to prove himself. It was brave of him to make such decision especially that he’s the eldest son and his family didn’t like him to join showbiz. This is a contrast that while Pamu and Biggel join for a better and comfortable life, Slater chose to leave that kind of life to take a much difficult one. Inside the PBB house, he showed leadership abilities (although he's not the only one). He showcases sincerity and honesty which is sometimes criticized as playing safe’. He may have less motivation and hunger but he use all his abilities to win every task. These are maybe what other and I see, to choose him among the four to be the winner. So yeah, I think he undoubtedly deserve to win.

Meanwhile, here are what I can say about the BIG PLACERS.
I love Paco’s very strong personality and brain. He has that hunger to win but I feel that he was too much consumed of that hunger that he will do all it takes, even if it means he stepped on somebody on the way (although his unaware). He is equally good as Slater in being a good leader but he is short on humility that makes him only my 2nd placer.

Pamu has that bubbling personality which is liked by many, gregarious as what Tito Boy said. I am quite annoyed by her actions though (the habit of shaking almost all her body parts when explaining, please Melai is enough). It also didn’t help when I see her dallying with Kevin, knowing she has a boyfriend outside the house. Although some giggled in their love team, some criticize her when she broke up with her boyfriend because of her budding romance with Kevin inside the house. I for one didn’t like it; she should have waited when she goes back to the outside world before he broke up with him. She is my 3rd placer.
Biggel has the most interesting story but quite immature to be the Big Winner. He has that kindness and humility in him that you just can’t ignore. He had gained my sympathy when he said it’s his ‘first time’ to taste ice-cream, to see a pool, etc. only to be disappointed when photos sprouted in the internet showing the contrary. The resident psychologist explains it as a way of escaping his bitter past but there were just so much inconsistency in his stories that my appetite was completely lost. I think I am rational enough to see what’s true from lie. Yet, my votes would have been for him if only he had showed maturity, stand on his own and not just accept to be pitied and look down by other housemates. Although, yeah he tried, but I expected more. Even if they have some ‘kilig’ moments with Tin, he should not push and pushed himself to her especially that she make it clear, they just have to be friends. I am challenging him to mature and fight for his dreams so I ranked him 4th.

At the end of the day, this opinion is just mine. What I wrote are only the 155 days of their lives as housemates. The world is a bigger house. I Hope their good characteristics will remain and the not so good one will be a challenge for them to be better.

Congratulations Big 4. Good luck!