About the Blog Name

Raconteur is another word for story-teller. In Jueteng (a Filipino number game of chance), 11 is a number for soul. So literally, The Raconteur 11 means The Storyteller's Soul.

About ME

After using so many pseudonyms; BebAng (as suggested by a good friend), MaJa Sajuela (an acronym of my first names combined by my father's mother maiden name), Hee-jin (a version of my name with a Korean feel) and Lady in Green (in appreciation for my fave color), I decided to stick to truth and used MJ. 

And I am:

SIMPLE, in all the meaning of the word.

A movie addict who don't care about genres.

A Korean drama fan who is hopeless romantic.

A Reader of basically everything.

A Writer rather than a talker

Appreciative but a critic.

And most of all a four-eyed optimist who loves peace.

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