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Raconteur is another word for story-teller. In Jueteng (a Filipino number game of chance), 11 is a number for soul. So literally, The Raconteur 11 means The Storyteller's Soul.

Friday, May 4, 2012


10-31-2007 7:06PM
“Love is the manipulation of emotion to control the mind.”-Seducing Mr. Perfect (Korean Movie)

It’s sad to end up such a happy feeling but I must!
Stars from afar are luring me
Shimmers of gold from distant lands excites me,
And he? He’s just a he.

It’s not the right time to think selfishly
There’s a long journey to travel, dreams to fulfill,
Dreams that does not include him yet…
Not yet…

I just want to be, what I want to be—to be successful.
I want to succeed even if it means loneliness,
Even if it means …losing you first.

Yet, I know it won’t take long and our path will again cross,
But if the color will not be the same,
And the light that once glow in us already faded,
I hope I’ll not regret that I choose to succeed in lieu of your love.

To you,
I thank God for the chance of meeting you. It must have been love…but the sun had just risen.
Tomorrow is full of uncertainty; I refuse to take the risk. I’m sorry…maybe someday.

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