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Raconteur is another word for story-teller. In Jueteng (a Filipino number game of chance), 11 is a number for soul. So literally, The Raconteur 11 means The Storyteller's Soul.

Friday, May 4, 2012


12-05-08 12:15AM
"OPTIMISM is like a  STAR in the dark sky..It gives light…
It gives hope that a wish will come true...
It changes the  mood...
It makes a better view."

My life is a kaleidoscope tale of endless struggles that sometimes I think of quitting. But,
...as i look at the stars twinkling in perfect harmony, forming wonderful constellations during my darkest nights.
...as the sun showcase its strength and shine after a very heavy rain                     
  ...as the cold morning dew touched my pallid skin after what seems to be a never-ending night
...as strangers greet me with smiles whenever I'm in solitude
 ...or when wild flowers bloom and trees grow on barren lands
  ...when the refreshing wind blows when the sun is at its zenith
  ...when a father welcomes home his prodigal son
            ...when nan OFW comeback an says, " I'll never leave again."
                          ...when enemies become friends
...when the boasts humble themselves
 ...when playgirl meets playboy and in unison says, "I finally find home!"
...when victims find justice
                         ...when acquaintances bid goodbyes and say hellos!
 ...when my friends “treat me!" and treat me kindly
            ...when he smiles at me and say, Hi, how are you?"
 ...when grandma kiss me and say "take care!"
...when grandpa crack jokes when things get serious
                   ...when mama ask, have you eat?
                            ...when I saw papa's regretful eyes after a hard fight with mama ...when kuya texted; "Good luck, I'll pray for your success!"
                                               ..When ate says: "I believe you can do it sis!"                                                             
...and most of all, when I see CHRIST COMFORTING IMAGE, welcoming me home after a self-degrading and depressing day, I remember how much GOD LOVE me.
From then on, I pursue life,
                           for in them I SEE HOPE,
                                    and IN THEM I FIND REASONS TO LIVE!

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